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Gifts for New Parents: Unique Gifts by Sleepy Sloth

Gifts for New Parents: Unique Gifts by Sleepy Sloth - The Sleepy Sloth

Everyone will agree that bringing a new baby home is super thrilling. But the truth many don't share is that being a new parent has its own difficulties. From pulling all-nighters to changing diapers around the clock, beginner moms and dads can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by their little nugget's demands.

Although classic baby gifts like cute little outfits and play toys are always welcome, you can shake things up a little and give them something truly one-of-a-kind and heartfelt that they won't see coming. There are plenty of creative gift ideas to show your support and celebrate this special milestone. 

It can be something practical to make their lives easier or a sentimental keepsake they can cherish for years to come. To help you find the best gifts for new parents, we've compiled a list of 30 unique gifts that any new parent will appreciate. 

28 Best Gifts for New Parents 

Looking for ways to celebrate, pamper, or support new parents? Keep reading on to discover some of the things they'd appreciate. 

1. Meal Delivery Service 

The first couple of weeks after giving birth are usually quite a rush. Also, it can be very difficult to find time for some nutritious food while juggling between postpartum hormones and sleepless nights. That's why offering a meal delivery service is a great gift idea for new parents. 

They will have fresh ingredients and recipes brought to their door that they can cook at home or prepared meals delivered straight to them. This relieves them from the stress of thinking about what to eat and cooking.

2. Baby Keepsake Box 

A baby keepsake box is a sweet gift for new parents as it gives them a special place to store memories from their little one's early years. They can save things like hospital bracelets, ultrasound pictures, first strands of hair, their small handprints, and more. 

It's supposed to be an actual reminder of the love and happiness their baby brings into their lives. Also, those first years fly by too fast. So, with this special box, they can have a collection of memories they can revisit and cherish for years to come. 

3. Baby Milestone Cards 

First-time parents get a lot of joy and pride when their baby reaches each milestone. Therefore, these cards can give them a fun way to commemorate the first smiles, laughs, and steps of their little ones. They are a sweet reminder of the amazing journey they are on. 


Baby Bath Time Essentials


4. Baby Handprint and Footprint Makers Kit 

Help the new parents create a precious memento of their baby's tiny hands and feet with a handprint and footprint kit. Choose a stylish frame to display the prints, along with space for a photo and birth details.

5. Baby Bath Time Essentials

Make bath time a breeze with a gift basket filled with essential baby bath items. You can add gentle cleansers, soft towels, bath toys, and a cozy hooded bathrobe. This complete set ensures the new baby stays clean, happy, and entertained during their special bathing rituals.

6. Baby First Aid Kit 

Assemble a full first aid box for babies and young children. Include things like thermometers, nasal aspirators, nail clippers, and safe medicines for infants. That will ensure the new parents have the necessary supplies to deal with minor emergencies in their little ones.

7. Baby Blanket

Nothing beats snuggle time! You can make this bonding experience even better for the new parents by getting them a gentle and snug baby blanket. For instance, this Mini Blankie from Sleepy Sloth is made from soft materials that give the best comfort for your baby's delicate skin so that they can enjoy a peaceful sleep and cozy cuddles. 


Baby Blanket


The best part is that this baby blanket can be used in many ways. It’s big enough for swaddling or tummy time on the floor. They can even use it to cover up the stroller when taking walks outside. The adorable designs and charming patterns give the nursery a bit of personality. 

8. Zipper Sleepsuit 

Now, every new parent will tell you that fumbling with a million tiny snaps in the middle of the night is not it. With that said, you can surprise new parents with zip jammies from Sleepy Sloth. These are very practical and comfortable for both the baby and parents during nighttime routines. 


Zipper Sleepsuit


They come with ease-to-use zippers that make changing diapers quick and easy. Not to mention, they are made from materials that feel soft on the skin and allow for good airflow, which promotes a pleasant sleeping environment for the baby. 

9. Luxurious Spa Experience 

Treat the new parents to a luxurious spa experience. They could probably really use some time to relax and recharge as they try to adapt to their roles as parents. 

A day at the spa can be like an escape from all of life's demands, giving these parents time to care for themselves and connect with each other again. Also, it helps them recharge and better deal with their little one's needs.

10. Coffee Mug Warmer

New parents almost never have the luxury of enjoying their coffee in one sitting. So, they will really appreciate a coffee mug warmer. This device keeps beverages at just the right temperature for a longer time. 

It prevents them from cooling down while they are busy caring for their baby. This item also has settings that let you adjust its heat and an automatic switch-off feature, making it convenient and reassuring. 

11. Personalized Jewelry 

Custom-made jewelry is another excellent gift for people who have just become parents, as it represents the connection they share with their newborn and acts as a durable memento of their first steps into raising a child. You can inscribe it with the name or initials of the infant or even include the gemstone corresponding to their birth month, which makes it both meaningful and a continual symbol of affection. 

12. Lounge Pants 

Comfort comes first for new mothers. Therefore, a cozy lounge set is a wardrobe staple. So, get the mom and baby a pair of comfy matching pants for those special moments at home where they can unwind in style. 

Lounge Pants

This matching outfit is made from soft and warm fabrics and is perfect for relaxing, cuddling, and spending time with their baby. Combining comfort and fashion helps them decompress while still feeling good about how they look. 

13. Diaper Cream

No parent will refuse some cream for their little one's behind. Babies tend to get diaper rash thanks to chafing, rubbing, or prolonged moisture. And one of the most common solutions for this type of problem is airing them out and applying diaper cream as a protective layer. 

Unfortunately, since dealing with a newborn is a whole new challenge altogether, most new parents will probably overlook diaper cream. That's why it makes the perfect gift idea for new parents. Once they see how helpful this cream is, they are more likely to make the next purchase themselves. 

14. A Sleek Diaper Bag

Well, this is undoubtedly the most recommended gift idea for new parents. Within the first year, most of the essentials for the baby can easily fit in a tiny bag. And with a sleek diaper bag, the mother can easily run errands without any worry. 

In this tiny, sleek diaper bag, you can fit plenty of wipers, diapers, a few soft toys, extra onesies, and a small bottle. Go for a diaper bag that comes with a changing pad, which could be quite useful. 

15. Diaper Subscription

Nothing soils up diapers faster than a newborn baby (pun intended!). Though this gift might not be as glamorous, but it's just as important. New parents will probably go through diapers at the speed of light. 

Therefore, getting the new family a diaper subscription will help patch up the never-ending diaper shortage they are likely to experience in the next couple of months. As a plus, most diaper subscriptions scale up the size to accommodate the growing child. 

16. Monitoring Devices for Babies

Adding a bit of technology to help in the supervision of the new family's little one can help a ton. Most monitoring devices are now fully equipped with advanced technologies that can quickly alert the parents when the baby is crying or has woken up. 

Additionally, some of the latest monitoring devices might not require Wi-Fi to work. Instead, they use an FHSS radio connection, which means the device will not be affected when the internet goes down. 

17. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Gifting noise-canceling headphones to new parents is a brilliant idea. These headphones offer a sanctuary of quiet amidst the constant demands of the newborn, soothing crying babies and providing much-needed breaks. Whether calming their little one or taking some me-time, these noise-canceling headphones bring pure moments of tranquility into their lives. 


Noise Cancellation Headphones


Noise-canceling headphones are a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents. They recharge parents, ensuring they stay refreshed and present for their little one. Additionally, these headphones can make late-night feedings more enjoyable with calming music or audiobooks. 

The new parents can take a breather and stay energized while jazzing up those late-night moments with soothing tunes or captivating audiobooks. Noise-canceling headphones support the well-being of new parents during this beautiful yet demanding phase of life.

18. A Quick Food Masher Machine

If you are looking for something that the new family might not get for themselves, a quick food masher machine is an excellent choice. This handy machine simplifies meal prepping, making it easy to create healthy, homemade baby food in under a few minutes. 

With this item, the parents can quickly mash veggies, fruits, and more. That ensures their newborn gets nutritious meals. This item saves up on time, giving the parents more precious moments with their little one. Most of these machines are compact and easy to clean. Thoughtful and practical, this gift is the perfect item to support the new parent in their new life journey. 

19. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Getting a robotic vacuum cleaner is a terrific way to keep one task off the parent's lists so they can focus on other, more important things. These gadgets bring so much relief to a new family since they no longer have to worry about keeping the floors clean. 

With the new baby demanding so much of their time and energy, this little helper can quietly and efficiently handle most of the vacuuming for the family. It's more like having an extra set of hands around the house, letting the parents focus more on the baby and less on the chores. 

20. A Stroller

Though this might not be a cheap option, it does a fantastic job handling the baby's first year. A stroller is an excellent gift idea. Typically, strollers come with extra accessories for the infant stage. That makes it easy for the parent to flip to face outward or inward. 

Another additional accessory you should look out for when shopping for a stroller is a sunshade. The perfect sun shade should be large enough to shield the baby's eyes from the setting sun. Find a stroller that's equally adjustable for parents as well. The handlebar should accommodate almost all heights. 

21. A Rest Eye Mask

Tired new moms usually have a narrow window of time to take a nap. So, having several accessories to help keep the disturbance out can really change their nap time. An excellent place to start is an eye mask. 

An eye mask will block out light, signaling the brain it's time to rest. That helps moms fall asleep faster and deeper within a short period of time, fully maximizing the limited sleep opportunities. 

22. White Noise Machines with Your Favorite Earplugs

These accessories go hand in hand with the eye mask. White noise machines coupled with earplugs help to drown disruptive sounds. That creates a peaceful sleep environment almost instantly, making it easy to fall asleep faster. 

And with a newborn in the house, every single minute of quality sleep counts. These items will help the new mom maximize her sleep within the short breaks before the little fella wakes up again. 

Mum and Dad Mugs

23. Back and Head Massager

Having a few moments with a baby is all fun and games until you notice that you have to spend the whole day carrying around your baby. That's currently what the new parents are realizing. The reality is it's tiring carrying around the baby day in and day out. 

A back and head massager will make this stage a little easier. These items are designed to relieve the tension in your back and head. Even though the baby isn't that heavy, the parents still end up feeling the baby's weight in their back and neck. This item will come in handy in such instances. 

24. Lactation Cookie Bites

Many moms love keeping these lactation cookies next to them, especially during breastfeeding. Most of these cookies come in various flavors, such as oatmeal chips and salted caramel. Lactation cookies are specifically formulated to support milk production. As such, these little treats offer nutritional support during the postpartum period. 

These cookies can boost milk production while satisfying hunger cravings. That makes them a convenient option as a gift for new moms. Such a thoughtful gift is guaranteed to uplift the spirits of a new mom. 

25. Mesh Trim Nursing Bralette

Of course, new moms will never have enough of nursing bralettes. So, it stands to reason that gifting the new family a pair of trim nursing bralettes will definitely be a reasonable gift. Take your time and identify a soft, comfortable, lightweight bralette perfect for breastfeeding. 

Most importantly, ensure the bralette you go for doesn't take any compromises on its quality or fashionable style. If the mom has a bigger bust size, you should go for a busty one. 

26. Eye Cream

Nobody likes puffy eyes, and new moms are no exception. If you can help this new family solve the puffy and dark circles that appear due to lack of enough sleep as they start their parenting journey, they will forever appreciate you for it. 

Do some research and figure out the best top-rated eye cream that tackles puffy and dark circles around the eyes. Also, it would help if you can find a cream that deals with fine lines and sagging. 

27. Swaddle

Gifting a swaddle for a baby is an awesome idea because it provides comfort and security. It mimics the coziness of the womb, soothes infants to promote better sleep and reduces fussiness. New parents will appreciate this practical gift, especially during those early days when sleep can be elusive. 

28. Mum and Dad Mugs 

Matching ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ mugs are another great way to honor and celebrate new parents. When they sip drinks from these mugs, they will always remember the happiness that comes with their new roles and how fulfilling it is.

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