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Best Gifts For New Moms This Christmas

Best Gifts For New Moms This Christmas - The Sleepy Sloth

Know a new mom who'll be spending Christmas with her first baby? Whether it's a sister, co-worker, or childhood best friend, they need a lot of stuff as a new parent. So, if you're considering a good gift idea for a new mom in your life, here's a gift guide to help you out. Our team compiled a list of the best gifts for new moms 2024 that can help them get through the first few months after giving birth. These are gifts new moms will love, whether they're about to give birth or are a few months into their journey. 

Matching Pajamas

First on the list we have some matching mom and baby pajamas. What better way for a new mom to bond with her little one than taking naps together?  We love these cozy sleepy pants in the print OH MOTH ER, which match with zip jammies, dresses, and two piece jammies.

These sleepy pants and comfortable, gentle on sensitive skin, and made from a 95 percent bamboo blend your new mamas can stay comfortable all year round. 

Baby Book

Next on our list of best new mom gifts is a fun baby book. This memory book for the baby's first five years, titled 'The Story Of You,' is by ZIRI & ZANE and is a best seller. Featuring gender-neutral artwork and universal wording to celebrate all types of families, this baby book has plenty of space for photographs. Plus, it has a simple format, so busy new moms only need about five minutes each week to capture their baby's journey.

Cozy Blanket

During the first couple of months, every new mom needs plenty of rest. As they adjust their sleep schedule, you can help them stay cozy. Whether they're taking a nap on the sofa or are curled up with their newborn, an adult blankie is the perfect gift.

Made from a bamboo-spandex blend, it's gentle on the skin and regulates heat. It even comes in plenty of prints, like PARTY LLAMA, CHARLOTTE, and HAY DAY.

Gift Cards for a First-Time Mom

Not sure what to get? For a mom who wants to choose her own Christmas gifts, you're better off giving a gift card! With a gift card, you don't have to worry about giving something she already has. Plus, she'll be able to choose her favorite selection of items. At The Sleepy Sloth, you can get gift cards in denominations of $10 to $250. One of these is all she needs to choose from a selection of jammies, blankies, sleep sacks, and more! 

Mom Jewelry: Personalised Necklace

Every new mom wants something to celebrate this new chapter of their life. If you'd like to give a unique gift, we recommend getting minimalist jewelry with their new title. Something that says 'mom' or 'mama' is always a good idea. Or, you can get something with their baby's initials or astrological signs! New moms will appreciate a necklace over things like earrings or rings, which can be easy to misplace when you're busy taking care of a baby. 

Diapers and Baby Wipes

If you're a new mom or know someone who is, you probably know that you can never have too many diapers! Diapers and baby wipes make great gifts for new parents, but it's always a good idea to ask what brand they use. These are things that every new mom needs more of. So if you're short on time and can't ask if they already have a certain item, diapers and baby wipes are the way to go! 

Comfy Sleep Sacks   

For comfortable naps, every baby needs a swaddle or sleep sack. Though swaddles are great for the first few weeks, sleep sacks are usable up until 18 months. This means they're a great gift for a new mom! Sleep sacks by The Sleepy Sloth have a TOG of 1.0, so they're awesome for layering. It has a two-way zipper and plenty of space for babies to move around. Plus, it comes in tons of cute prints, like PURPLE REIGN, AMETHYST, and MASON



Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

Want to choose a thoughtful gift for a new mama this Christmas? A hand and footprint kit is a wholesome keepsake that allows new parents to cherish this part of the journey. Inkless hand and footprint kits are safe to use with babies since they feature clay and don't transfer any residue. Most options available these days are easy to use and don't require additional materials. Of course, your favorite new mom can personalize the frame with paints, dates, names, and a picture of their choice.  

Soothing Therapy Pillows For Breastfeeding Moms

If you know a new mom who's still getting used to the experience of breastfeeding, she'll appreciate these soothing therapy pillows. They can be cooled or heated to work as a cold or warm compress for sore breasts. They can be cooled in the freezer to help with pain due to nipple chafing and engorgement. Moms can also warm them up in the microwave to reduce the discomfort from inflammation and stimulate breastfeeding let down.

Adjustable Stroller Organizer

When you're choosing a Christmas gift for a new mom, the baby registry is a good place to start. However, there are a few things that new parents don't realize they need until after their baby comes home - like a stroller organizer. It can keep a new mom's phone, keys, and miscellaneous items within reach. We recommend choosing a design with detachable pockets so new moms of 2024 can adjust and customize it to their liking. This design by Momcozy is a best-seller on Amazon. It has insulated cup holders, plenty of pockets, and is machine washable.    

Self-Care Gift Set

If you know a new mom who can't find the time for a spa day, a self-care gift set is the next best thing! The important thing is that you'll need to gift products that are formulated to be safe for moms and babies. Doctors recommend that new moms use fragrance-free, hypoallergenic skincare.

Self care gif set for new mom

You can come up with your own kit of safe and effective self-care items that many new moms forget but definitely need. Or, you can purchase a gift set. Listed as Amazon's Choice, the New Mama Care Essentials by The Honest Company includes a face wash, body cream, and soothing nipple balm. 

Clip-Down Nursing Bra

This is a must-have on the list of things a new mom needs. After all, new moms spend a lot of time breastfeeding or pumping, which can be tricky in a regular bra. Typical nursing bras offer functionality, but aren't the best for moms on the go. We recommend gifting a clip down nursing or pumping bra, since these are much more discreet. You should also choose something with a wireless fit and spandex blend so it's flexible as needed.

New Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Even if they've done their homework on things like breastfeeding and diaper changing, few new mothers are prepared for the postpartum recovery phase. From lochia to urinary incontinence, new moms are experiencing many things for the first time. To help them recover, new moms might need things like disposable underwear and maxi pads. If she's set to go home with a new baby around Christmas, you can make the holidays a little more comfortable with a complete kit of recovery essentials. This one by Frida Mom includes a bidet, disposable underwear, perineal healing foam, and more.  

Crib Sheets

According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, infants should sleep on a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet. Since loose sheets pose a risk of suffocation, fitted crib sheets are essential. So, if you want to gift something practical, these 220 GSM crib sheets by The Sleepy Sloth are a great idea!



They fit securely on a standard crib mattress and are made from a mix of bamboo cotton and spandex. 

Soothing Moisturizer

Even if a new mom has everything she needs, a little bit of self-care never hurts anyone! As her body starts to heal, her stretch marks may feel itchy. Some soothing moisturizers or body oils are ideal for new moms. We always recommend gifting something with an all-purpose formula. This body oil is free from parabens, phthalates, and preservatives. It hydrates the skin, improving the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Compression Leggings

Compression garments make excellent gifts for first time moms! Childbirth can take quite a toll on the body, so it's only natural for the body to need time to recover. Compression garments can support this process by supporting the pelvic floor muscles. They also reduce inflammation and swelling.

High-waisted leggings are comfortable, easy-to-wear, and make your legs look good too. From picking up groceries to taking the baby out for a stroll, leggings are a new mom's go-to for casual wear. Give her a pair of these to instantly upgrade her look from frumpy to put-together. 

Portable Diaper Changing Pad

Compact, portable versions of bulkier things make great gift for moms who travel a lot. For example: changing stations! Consider gifting your new mom friends things like portable diaper changing pads.

Portable Diaper Changing Pad gift for new moms

It provides a clean, safe, and hygienic space for new mama to change her baby's diaper. We recommend choosing a compact design that she can attach to the stroller. A design like this one has a smart pocket for wipes, along with outer pockets to store mom or dad's things.  

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

If there's one thing we know, it's that all moms struggle to make time for balanced meals. That's what makes a slow cooker an excellent gift for moms, both old and new. A good example is the Instant Pot 7-in-1, which works as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more. It's useful when moms don't have time to cook since they can throw in a few ingredients and let dinner cook itself!   

Microwave Sterilizer

For a minimalist mom who doesn't like a cluttered counter, a dedicated sterilizer for baby bottles is a probably a big no. Even if she's not a minimalist, she'll need something to sterilize her baby's bottles on-the-go. That's where something like a microwave sterilizer comes in handy. It has a simple design that's perfect for sterilizing baby bottles, sippy cups, and pacifiers in the microwave.  

Travel Tumbler

If you're having trouble choosing between Christmas day gifts for new moms, here's something she'll love! Every tired mom needs her coffee fix, but between home chores and caring for a newborn, you're often stuck reheating the same cup of coffee 4 or 5 times. So, how about you give the gift of coffee that stays hot for hours? A travel tumbler like this one comes in different capacities. It'll keep their water chilled and their coffee hot so they can stay hydrated and/or caffeinated all day!

Baby Sling

If you know a new mom who's considering babywearing, then we recommend gifting her a baby sling this Christmas. Babywearing is a great way to experience new motherhood because it allows new moms to bond with their baby. It also reduces crying, soothes the baby, and frees up her hands so she can work on other chores that need to be done.

Mother on the bus with baby in the sling

This one has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon and comes in plenty of colors, too. It's designed to evenly distribute the baby's weight while providing back and shoulder support. Plus, it's made from stretchy, breathable fabric, making it a good choice for different times of the year. 

Portable Sound Machine

Know a new mom who has trouble getting her baby to sleep without his white noise machine? If that's the case, a portable sound machine will be her favorite gift! Whenever she's on the go, this little gadget can play ten different sounds that'll lull her baby to sleep. It comes in different colors, and the design is small enough to attach anywhere, like a car seat or stroller. The simple design only has three buttons, and she can easily raise the volume when she's in a particularly noisy place.

Baby Carrier

If she didn't get a baby carrier among her baby shower gifts, then you could give one as a Christmas present! Baby carriers are great for solo trips when she doesn't want to pull out the stroller. From going to the grocery store to taking a leisurely stroll around the block, the right baby carrier comes in handy in plenty of ways.

We recommend gifting something with a convertible design that allows facing-in and facing-out positions for newborns and older infants. This way, she'll be able to use it for an extended period without needing to upgrade every couple of months.  

Diaper Backpack

Most new moms don't know how much stuff they have to carry when leaving the house with their baby. Functional gifts like a diaper backpack can help them prepare for errands and trips.

Baby stroller and diaper bag is hanging behind of it

A great piece of advice for any new parent is to get a diaper backpack so they can use both hands when needed. A functional design that comes with plenty of compartments and insulated pockets is a must if mom plans on being out for long stretches of time.   

Portable Photo Printer

Want to help her fill up her baby book with loads of pictures? With a portable photo printer, new moms can instantly print out pictures directly from their smartphones. They can also customize pictures with borders for a scrapbook effect. Not to mention, pictures are printed on sticky-backed paper, so she can add them to the baby book instantly.

In fact, it's perfect for new moms who are expected to go back to work after maternity leave. They can quickly print out their favorite photos of their little ones and decorate their workspace.   

Summary: Choosing The Best Gifts For New Moms This Christmas

To sum up our list of the best new mom and baby gifts, you can choose to gift a keepsake, self-care items, or something to help with recovery right after giving birth. You can also get something for her baby, like a sleep sack or crib sheet. Or, you could gift something that helps her on the go, like a diaper bag, stroller organizer, or portable changing pad. And if you're not sure what she already has, how about a Sleepy Sloth gift card so she can buy the best baby jammies and blankies?

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