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Size: XS

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thomas men’s pants

I am disappointed that my ASD son won’t wear them. I was expecting the bamboo to be more like cotton/flannel and instead it is super stretchy. Live and learn I guess.

Hailey Lafond
I’ve turned my husband into a bamboo addict with these pants!

In my husbands own unedited words, words so deep and well spoken they could bring another man to tears, “Wow, I think I’m actually going to wear these.”

And he has, and he hasn’t stopped wearing them. He has thanked me multiple times for them and keeps saying “these are great.”

Listen our house has only one rule in marriage. All pyjama pants and sweatpants are MINE. I buy him jammers knowing full well they are for MEEEE. And it has backfired. I’ve created a monster. He asked to see the upcoming spring collection. Kept saying these things like “nice, that print would look sick on me” or “me and George could totally match in those” and even “you could get me another pair for my birthday.”

I guess in a way this is also a roast. DARN YOU for making the mens pants so comfortable that I am not able to add couped up to my own collection. He has literally shown 0 interest in any bamboo clothing before. We tried other brands, and they always came back to momma like I intended them too when I bought them. But ohhhhh noooooooo, now he wants to be a bamboo dad and take them to work with him.

Ps, he really wants sea puppy (mantaray) dad pants and I think if I get them he will love the pants more than he loves me.

Santa Claus matching family photo with him proudly in his jammers. His butt is 3x the size of mine from squatting with 200lb pipes all day so I got him an XL to accommodate the wagon but a large I think would fit great too and show off the the ASSets.

Maddie Westbrook
Best Pants Ever

these are seriously the comfiest pants you’ll ever come across. my husband loves them!

Krystal C.

I am a woman who is 5 ft 8.5 inches and weighs around 280lbs. I got the "men's pants" as I prefer not to have the band around my ankle. The XXL fits me comfortably. The white is a little see-through (I wouldn't wear them around anyone but my husband/kids). I like my pants to fit high, so the length fits me well, but if you are about my height and fit them low on your belly you will be stepping on the cuffs. The drawstring is an actual drawstring so you can adjust the waist (yeah no fake string--WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT?). The color is adorable and the penguin design is even better in person!

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